Wax Presents: “Chain Reaction” (Trailer)

wax chain reaction

I have a web series coming out called “Chain Reaction” where I review chain restaurants. It starts on October 13th and will come out on Tuesdays here on good ol’ youtube. “Was a trailer really necessary?” you ask…. Well let me answer that question with a question: “What is the meaning of life?” Give up? […]

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BRAND NEW VIDEO!!! “No Smoking in the House”

wax - no smoking in the house

Wax spits 6 minutes of BARS in his studio. NEW ALBUM COMING SOON!!!!!! #LivinFoul tags: wax no smoking in the house hip hop rap livin foul freestyle bars battle wingsuit jumping astronaut school giraffe food sorbet recipes parkour lessons enormous spiked anal dildos slayer concert tickets crest toothpaste dunk tank rental foreskin reconstruction pastry chef […]

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Wax “Dreamin” (Official Video)

So we finally dropped this video today! Shot it about a year and a half ago… it took a very long time to do all the effects/graphics and what not. That time was lengthened by computers crashing and things of that nature. All of the editing and the directing was done by Pedro Flores. Check […]

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