1. hey ….. funny story….i’m online and sign up for something and don’t wanna use my real name so i use guillermo jose bowden….not 6 weeks later…i start recieving Billboard magazine! i knew those fuckers would be selling my name. so now, i go thru Billboard every month and pick a few artists to listen to and youtube…that’s how i found Macklemore and WAX. Two really cool artists with some GREAT MUSIC! I also am inspired by and admire their independence…indie status….Just wanted to tell you…there are plenty of ways to download music for free …. and I do…..cept when it’s someone like you…an indie….Just paid the $9.99 on itunes to BUY your record!! Supporting your art dude!!
    Billy B

  2. I would love to have your albums on 180 gram vinyl. Colored or Picture vinyl would be really sweet.

  3. So, I was at the Constellation room last night. Freakin awesome show by the way; Wax, EOM, and the rest of the band know how to rock out, no doubt. Awkward moment when Wax says to me, “Oh shit! You were fuckin dope at the club.” And I’m thinking, WTF? You know me. Priceless. Especially when he probably realized that I wasn’t the girl he was talking about. But, that’s WAX for ya. Corona in hand, seemingly wasted. It’s a memory I will always have. Artist and fan roles reversed: WAX, excited to see me 😉

  4. wAx, sweet show Tuesday in AZ! F’ing awesome to see ya’ll live…You and the boyz part of a wild evening – old ass me with four hotties that included stuffed mouths, stripping poles, street pizza, an ex-booty call, the time warp dance, and an infatuation with your guitar player. No toothbrushes bitch…

  5. You look so Damn Hot!

  6. Your songs are so good!
    and funny!!

  7. You are so good man! I love your songs I am your fan BİG WAX!!! FROM TURKEY!

  8. Your songs is funny but dum like
    you .

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