Wax “Dreamin” (Official Video)

So we finally dropped this video today! Shot it about a year and a half ago… it took a very long time to do all the effects/graphics and what not. That time was lengthened by computers crashing and things of that nature. All of the editing and the directing was done by Pedro Flores. Check out his site in the credits below!

Wax – Dreamin (Official Music Video)
Directed/Edited/Visual Effects by Pedro D. Flores

Director of Photography: Art Morales
Storyboard Director: Doug Urquilla
Camera Operators: Art Morales, Pedro D. Flores

Johnny Rodriguez – PA/Grip
Martin Molina – PA/Grip/Camera
Angel Rodriguez – Make-up
Gus Chacon – PA/Grip
Gustavo Padron – PA/Grip/Camera
Ashley Nettles- PA/Grip

Starring: Wax
Mom: Christy Flores
Karaoke Girl: Tina Echeverria
Bouncers: Jesse and Greg Aguilar
1920’s Homeless Man: Johnny Rodriguez
Clowns: Pablo Hernandez and Sal Alvarez

Song Produced by
Wax and Davy Nathan

Video Produced by
PDFlo Films

3d Models
P-D-Flo Films
Pixel Lab

Special Thanks to

Mal’s Bar 2331 S Hill St, Los Angeles, California
Mario Martinez (PigzRadio)

Catalina Market 1070 North Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90029
Fabian Alejandro Corrado
Roberton Martin
Joseph Marohn
Daniel Jackson

  1. Jude Lovchik says:

    Hey Wax –
    I was looking for leads for selling my domain WaxStreet.com and came across your page. I ended up watching about 10 of your vids. U crazy talented and the videos were outrageous. Loved them! I realized I had heard you before when I heard Rosana. My wife & I love that song! Continued much success!

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