Wax’s Podcast 125


Wax discusses old memories, old videos, and old shit in general


  1. Logan Stone says:

    Damn you were in Bend and I missed it? Come to Medford Oregon some time man. It’s right up on the I-5 from California. We got several venues you could come play at. Only listened to a couple of your podcasts but I’ve listened to your music for a couple years. I heard Herbal T on pandora before your music but went from his shit on youtube to listening to your shit all the time. Chain reaction is fucking awesome. Saw the Chipotle episode recently. I actually work at a Chipotle right now until I get my own business off the ground but it was a great episode. Saw you on Snoop Dogg’s show too, that shit was fucking funny. Your music, podcasts and videos show you to be a real, down to earth person so I can’t wait to make it to one of your shows and maybe shake your hand. Keep on keepin on Wax.

  2. PAT1ENT ZERO says:

    WAX – love that you still use our intro! ((we’re not worthy… seriously!)) WE WANT TO OPEN FOR YOU next time you’re rollin through the midwest.

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