Wax’s Podcast: Episode 101


Wax discusses God knows what


  1. Guilherme says:

    Before The Heart of a Lonely Hunter’ This episode was most well loved by me. I hate weak man, so it was deciilous to witness Archie man up!Archie Hopper/Jiminy is my favourite piece of character development so far in this season.I loved the crickets coming back at the end of the episode cricket chirrups is on my top favorite sounds list. Up there with the ocean lapping up on the shore and rain on the roof.Thanks for the show. Looking forward to listening to this podcast episode.Curious my icon look a bit like a cricket.

  2. haha i just realised i commented n geoffs blog instead of yours!!never mind!i wish you and geoff many years of happiness.and congratulations!!From Tim bowman

  3. TWGOK Haqua-chan *-* Elsie-chan *-*, muito bom!E gostaria de dizer Reborn, que você é um grande filho da pûtá, yao-ming face se encaixa perfeitamente com você, suas patadas nos leechers são fødáš, faz tempo que não vejo um trøll tão filho da putistico assim…Agradeço pela boa vontade e pelo trabalho de vocês, valeu!

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