Wax’s Podcast: Episode 114


Wax goes on a shitload of tangents…. Israel, breakups, geometry, etc…


  1. Nations Pressley says:

    Hey man when I was like 9 or so i somehow stumbled upon your website and the scrublife mixtape, was fucking amazing. I’m 18 now and completely forgot about you til a couple months ago and listened to all your other shit with Herbal T and EOM and living foul is one of my favorite albums but i still listen whenever to Don’t Need when I get high, comfortably numb dude. Your music is so fucking deep your voice is dope and the tracks are epic as hell. Thanks for all you do, your music got me through a shitty breakup and kinda taught me how to not give a shit. peace bro.

  2. Arthur Warren says:

    Hey Wax.
    I really appreciate your work.
    I am a overtly angry 21 year old. But your music has really relaxed me and gave me a new perspective.
    I no longer get home and chill in my self deprecation and hate everything around
    me. Sure, i am ambivalent at times but i just wanna say thank you for giving me a new me, i am really enjoying myself recently.

  3. Leo says:

    my boy must have two birthdays a year.

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