Wax’s Podcast: Episode 115


Wax discusses his trip to Israel, being sick, reincarnation, and other stuff


  1. Daniel says:

    Love your Music!!!! First time finding your podcast. Been listing for years to your music……. Keep it real brother

  2. Ben says:

    ^(Intro from Give it to you) haha… love how u write tho, especially the harder rap songs. first time finding the podcast as well. dope.

  3. Doc says:

    Hayır ben bir kullanım senaryosu sunuyorum. Herkes bizim kadar bilmek zorunda deÄŸil. Ben bu iÅŸi yapmasam &#&2#6;H818217; harfini bilmeden WP8′e geçebilirdim. N9 geçen yılın modeli bu arada. 3G gibi tanımlar dururken bilgi gerektiren bir terminoloji kullanmaya bence gerek yok.

  4. Nations Pressley says:

    What’s the email for shoutouts?

  5. SYNTURY says:

    Yo,Whats Good.My name is Syntury from the south (North Carolina).Thanks for the real hip hop, your style is sick, Ive been trippin off of ‘no real job’ this week. I almost on a personal crusade to spread your name out there…more people should know. We must be from the same age group cause I was on those Chili Pepper jams too (on cassette!) also when it comes to the funk, gotta add in Parliament Funkadelic and The Meters into the discussion. You dead right about Ohio Players My question is do you tour? Id like to see it live. I heard the phrase night driving from LA to Vegas in there, and I go to Vegas alot. Also saw the standup comedy act on youtube, that was some funny shit I relate to. We have a comedy club in my town called the Dead Crow comedy room you may wanna check out. Alot of acts have been coming through and its on the rise. Am about to buy Livin Foul cause I wont grab your shit off youtube for free no more—too talented—keep it up—Syntury

  6. مرتضي says:

    تشکر مي کنم بابت زحماتي که مي کشيد.

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