Wax’s Podcast: Episode 117


Wax discusses his NEW ALBUM THAT IS FINISHED, the Netflix documentary about Lemmy, and modern spoiled ass music fans!!!!!


  1. Jeremiah McCann says:

    This podcast opening , is my favorite podcast opening.
    Can’t wait to buy the new album 😀

  2. Hey man,
    Long time fan. Seen you twice @ the middle east in Cambridge Mass.
    I really dig what you’re doing,Continue is one of my favorite songs of all time. It picks me up when i’m down and always seems to help me pick my head up in the roughest of times. I’m a musician/songwriter from Worcester MA and i really appreciate listening to the podcast to gain perspective on truths from someone who does music for a living. I’m 22 years old, I feel down every now and then but music has been a solace in my life since age 13. I’ve been broke for a bit and i dont work, i’m very outside the hardworking middle class world of Massachusetts. i’m constantly being hastled for putting all my time into music but it dont really phase me because i think life is all about being happy and music makes me happy. I hope all is well and i just really wanted to say thanks for making such inspirational music that resonates in my life. Stay safe out there, i hope to make it to LA one day to enjoy the sun and escape the harsh winters I deal with every winter.


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