Wax’s Podcast: Episode 140


Wax begs for your money and discusses terrorism, soccer, religion, fruit, and more.


  1. Papa Jake says:

    Hey Wax, I saw you in Cleveland when you came here for your Cookout Chronicles tour. Had a great time. My question is, if you were stuck on an island (some form of jungle cast away island) what 3 people would you choose to survive with, and why?

  2. stooge says:

    Dude, why don’t you have more fans? I can’t think of a modern rapper (or musician for that matter) that can match you lyrically or musically, plus you seem to be a great dude.

    In this podcast you say, “I still don’t get the credit I deserve”. I’d usually laugh at someone who says that kind of shit, but you’re right. I can’t fathom it.

    It’s a shame, because I don’t want you to quit what you do. You’re too good at it.

  3. Elliott says:

    Hey man, I was just wondering if you ever thought about bringing the podcast to YouTube live. You’ve already got a nice subscriber base, and people could donate via super chat, and you could set up some donation songs that play for certain amounts. I’ve seen other much less musically inclined people pull it off, I’m sure you’d do well. Just a suggestion. Looking forward to whatever you come up with next!

  4. Ben K says:

    Hi Mike,

    I hope all is well! Keep up the work 😀

  5. Fillup says:

    It’s funny to hear you talk about soccer/football. I’m from the uk and recently went for a solo trip to new york – and holy shit what has happened? Everyone’s walking round in Manchester united shirts, playing soccer in the streets and to make it feel even more european you’re all drivin round in fiat 500’s. Wtf has happened!? I might as well’ve stayed home! Although the cold cans of PBR made it worth the trip.

  6. Francis Lapointe Deraiche says:

    You call him Mister T. Because his name is “Mike T”.

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