Wax’s Podcast: Episode 148


Wax discusses negative yelp reviews, creepy porn fans, following your dreams, and more.


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  1. georg says:

    Let me give you a little thrill wax. I already know that you know this but let me tell in anyway.

    So this one day after chilling in the city doing some drinks we went to mac donalds to fill up on some burgers. While we were eating, mac donalds was playing some awesome song. That song was Rosana!! It took me a second to notice, I knew this song but from where. And then came your vocal, motherfucker. I knew instantly it was you. But honestly, I thought some random mac donald worker was playing some youtube music. Later I found out my boi wax made it here in Holland 😀

    Btw as a former restaurant worker, thanks for sticking up for us.

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