Wax’s Podcast: Episode 157


Wax discusses a bunch of nonsense


  1. Bill Geltzeiler says:


    I have been meaning to find a way to try and reach out, you’re the MAN. crazy skills as an emcee. Wanted to say I rock out to your shit all day (im high af right now boppin to dispensary girl.) , I have all your cds and LPs and listen to ‘continue’ in the AM on the reg. Love to see ya perform in concert, when’s that tour back up?? Hit a brother back, bgeltzeiler@gmail.com

    peace, sent my best to herbal T and EOM.

    bill geltzeiler

  2. Yung Cirrhoses says:

    What’s up you lazy bitch?

    Are you still making them zesty tunes??
    Yes, you are, and you have been making zesty ass tunes for a long ass time. And I have been listening to said tunes for a long ass time. 7 years to be exact. I have always kept up to date on your YouTube channel, But just recently I have started listening to the podcast. It’s awesome to listen to while I’m driving for work.

    But I was listening to some of your older podcasts, and noticed a fellow podcast listener like myself; asked you A question about bringing back Chain Reaction.

    So this is when shit gets serious, my question is when the fuck fucking fuck are you going to start doing Wax Weeklys again? That was my shit dude. I still rewatch them from time to time.
    Quit being a lazy piece of fat shit and start making them again. And I know you’re busy with yoga, break up questions, and acoustic tunes, but maybe in the near future you could make a WaxWeekly2018 series. Keep doing what you’re doing, bro. Stay safe out there.
    ~Yung Cirrhoses

  3. BMarshall says:

    Dunkirk in the house likes how it is! We love you bro!

  4. Isaac Leach says:

    Yo wax. I agree that you should keep up what you’re doing but terms of availability if it was on Spotify that would be dope af. The main reason is the ability to easily download a keep track of it, plus I listen to other podcasts there. hope that helps 🙂

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