Wax’s Podcast: Episode 167


Wax discusses EOM, touring, and more.


  1. Anna Schnur says:

    I am happy to hear you made it home safe and had a true life experience on tour. I am extremely satisfyed with seeing you live on tour. I wish there was more of a shout out from the Emporia ks show ..i love my pics and videos ive watched over n over.. and feels unreal that i had the chance to meet you n shake ur hand and invite to smoke afterwards…we comment almost everytime we roll up that its a wax approved bluntski. . it meant alot to me that you came out. You have true talent and your working on showing it to the world. Ive got a poster that says dance like no ones watchin now has more meaning this is my first podcast.. sure wont be my lost

  2. NegatV says:

    Thanks brother. Keep ya head up.

  3. Unsolicited Nik says:

    Long overdue, but we’ll warranted break. At this point, all that you can do is continue, man. (see what I did there?) anyway, count me as another fan that’s excited you’re back in the light… Also I just found a shit load of unheard tracks under the bigwaxmusic channel on YouTube with some FIRE EOM beats.

  4. Ben K says:

    Great to hear from you Mike!

  5. A Rat says:

    I would love to help you update your site or your photos. Feel free to email me if you’re interested.

  6. Anthony says:


  7. Yoshie Roberts says:

    If you ever want to do a video with a macaw and a rolls Royce hit us up.. we live in las vegas and would love to have you and your friends as guests…love ya guys!!!

  8. Gerardo Alcira says:

    Great podcast man. RIP E, just found some of his old stuff. Amazing beats. Why can’t you go in Canada lol. And lookingforward to that E tribute project

  9. Desiree Trejo says:

    How do you comment on a podcast of someone you don’t even know? I have been following you since 2006 when my roommates sister told me about you. I like the thought of EOM instrumentals. I’ve always enjoyed instrumentals from NECRO. I’ll make sure I check it out!

    As a respiratory therapist and a hip-hop enthusiast (whatever that means) I can say that having a good friend pass away is a tough breath to take. Or pill to swallow? Is this supposed to be supportive or encouraging? I don’t know. But* as KRS-One stated (in a slightly altered way) I’m not saying he’s number one. Oh I’m sorry I lied. He’s number one, two, three, four, and five!

    Hang in there. Life sucks a lot and it often gets crazier. On the bucket list is to see you live.

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