Wax’s Podcast: Episode 168


Wax discusses his NEW SONG, Easter eggs, dreams, AND MORE!!


  1. Cassie Deane says:

    Congratulations on quitting smoking ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You’re an amazing!

  2. Big Dick Richard says:

    Mike my nidguh.

    The song is lit bruh. Shit finna pop off B.

    You went in on the whole Easter egg industry fam that whole shit was cold blooded nucka.

  3. jimmy newtron says:

    if you just posted this shit on youtube and had a facecam and interviewed people you would become famous. You are an entertainer and you should use that energy for more than this little podcast on your own website. Longtime fan and i am from the youth and can tell you that this website is not it big wax spend your time doing things more productive like some fire ass songs or making some sick music videos. Goodluck and peace out g

  4. K kry says:

    WAX IS A G

  5. Desiree Trejo says:

    Life is gonna keep coming in!

    So keep your love in your pocket and that yellow yolk will fulfill you.

  6. Joshua says:

    wax twitch just chatting live streams would be lit

  7. bwd says:

    Dear Wax,
    please come to Europe!
    I feel that you have a huge following in Euoepe, you shoud really exploit it, my man!
    At least a location or two should do you well; if you reallye have a following you shoud gk forward dn go through with it
    (bad english). Just to to EU and fill your pocket + fill your emotions with your EU fans

  8. Drewdigs says:

    I miss this podcast!

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