Wax’s Podcast: Episode 27


Wax discusses the awkwardness of getting to “first name basis”, himself being a HUGE celebrity, and a fight he witnessed at a comedy show. On “call someone and fuck with them,” guest RZO talks about his goals as a rapper.


  1. admin says:


  2. inn says:

    i use to listen to your podcast with iTunes. now i see that you put it on your site too. which one of the two ways of podcast delivery do you recommend best?

  3. jölli says:

    Listen to it every Thursday! (Friday in Finland already, 2am :P)

  4. Ross says:

    I agree come to Pittsburgh, I swear we ain’t all psychos

  5. Evita425 says:

    lmfao I wish I could have seen that web series, you have great ideas man!

  6. Diarmaid from Budapest says:

    I know from your podcasts that you have a massive to-do list but I think you should have Dale Firebird have his own Youtube series where he tests beers and liquors.

  7. Randi Elizabeth says:

    So i listened to the last 4 podcast the other day at work…needless to say my coworkers think im crazy for laughing so much. Anyway have you seen the video for google new est invention? Its called google glass. You were talking about how you once put all the cell phones in the middle of the t dinner table. It force d you to have a real conversation. What do you think of google integration of technology into life that much. It looks like an awesome and fuckin expensive product. But i thin k if i were to get it id write letters less and have less face to face interactions. Idk how i feel about that . What about you?

  8. Fleta says:

    Is that really all there is to it because that’d be flaraebgbsting.

  9. http://www./ says:

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  10. Ted – Let me know when your Birthday is. I want to buy you a dictionary and thesaurus. You are badly in need of both.P.S. I hope you don’t find this too “incendiary.”

  11. cheap ed says:

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