Wax’s Podcast: Episode 28


Special in-studio guests EOM and Curtis D talk shit and freestyle!!!


  1. New Century says:

    wAx….dude if it is even remotely possible i know you toured with Hoddie Allen….could you get him on the podcast????

  2. Richard Ortiz says:

    If he said Soul Live is from Fresno (CA that is) yall should do a show out here with them!

  3. Equanimity says:

    This was probably the best podcast yet!! The vibe was so good on this haha, feels just like me hanging out with my brothers. Great shit all around, real. Def bring Curtis D back! Funny ass shit hahaha, yall’s cyphers were the shit.

    I think having in studio guests adds a good energy going on… this one, the one with Yes and Herbal T have been the best so far. Something real when there is that real-life connection that comes through. Good shit!

  4. Diarmaid says:

    Having EOM play his beats really added to the podcast whereas Curtis D was kinda hard to understand. Maybe it’s just me having trouble understanding some Americans though.

  5. JT says:

    Best podcast yet! Wax, you should do more like this. I loved the in-studio guests and it was great hearin’ you guys drink and bullshit. MORE FREESTYLES!

  6. EOM Killing them Jive Turkeys!!!! Dope show!

  7. Pacman says:

    This podcast was by far the best of the best even tho you didn’t answer many questions, the fact there was lot’s of insight on stuff and EOM’s bangin beats. It made this awesome I recommend you have more people come in live as possible.

  8. MitterWN says:

    In Wax’s Intoxicated tale maybe you just marked your territory haha 😀

  9. Dom says:

    Hy Wax your Music com to Germany and we Love your shit thank´s

  10. TdotTRUST says:

    @ 21:55 Curtis D your drunken stories are too numberous to mention; however in ref to your little pissing excapade you neglected to mention(1) you were pissing on a trash bag that was tied up sitting next to the trash can, and (2) you were in the kitchen pissing all over the floor.
    Can we get a simultaneus interpreter next time Curtis D is a guest? LOL
    Catch u fools in Bmore…

  11. Maryland says:

    I told my kids we’d play after I found what I nedede. Damnit.

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