Wax’s Podcast: Episode 38


Wax and guest T Rexx discuss Amsterdam, current events (in a very uninformed way), and air travel. Also a preview of their yet-to-be-finshed track “MEAT LUVAH”


  1. bigwax says:

    MEAT LUVAH….. should we finish it?

  2. Jarrett says:

    FINISH THAT SHIT NIGGA, it’s sounding dope so far

  3. Andreas K. says:

    Hi Wax,

    i just wanted to say that it would be awesome if you would come back to germany soon. the last time you were here i had no time (and money).. would be great to see you live performing. i hope you come to stuttgart (or munich).

    greetings from bavaria (near germany ;D)
    Andreas (or just andy)

    PS: fucking awesome podcast!!

  4. Boozie Swilliams says:

    finish that shit son

  5. Nanoatzin in NH says:

    Send Doyle Glazer to Hawthorne for some animal justice. I had not seen that video but thanks to you guys I suffered through it. Its like the fucking Chappelle show when the shit is flipped and the dude’s Golden Retriever gets shot for no reason. The dog was chill until the one chota rolled up on him. “why didn’t he roll up the Many people might think “why wasn’t the window rolled up?” It was hot in LA this week. Then they would have added an animal cruelty to the brother getting hemmed up. Dog was cool everyone else wasn’t the brightest. Stay safe out there carnalitos.

  6. Nanoatzin in NH says:

    Wax for about two years now I’ve been listening to you daily. I’m not a facebook or twitter person. I’m 38 years old and live in the valley. My wife says I spend too much time listening to you podcasts, videos, and music. We recently had our 10 year anniversary and I crack up at the shot outs and advice. Could you please through a shot out happy 10 year anniversary to my wife Adriana and me Romy. My kids love Milk in my sippy cup and I’m embarrassed to say my four year old recognized the Rosanna cover by the German couple. I got to say hello to EOM at the troubadour because he was getting in a friend. Your Cuate Herbs shook my hand when you did your thing with EOM. I even got to say wassup to the Korean Jesus himself. I wanted to wait for you but I had to go to work, I was buzzed, and the Chotas were all over like the German roaches on your coffee maker. Drink Nescafe the cali roaches leave it alone. Anything better than Yuban its on.

    • Nanoatzin in NH says:

      Throw not through. If the Germans are using this to learn English I apologize. A shot out will be cool I don’t email or tweet or any of that. So hopefully you read this since you have some time now. I’m ready for some more music. I literally download it to my computer and burn it on a CD because I cant just go into Licorice Pizza and buy you album like I did when I first heard The LA Dream team. Chicano slang lesson for the day Cuate is twin and chota cop. Cuate rhymes with tecate I just saying it fits your the master make it happen. Both words are Aztec cognates which make them extra cool.

  7. Ben K says:

    Yes finish meat luva! Fucking hilarious hahahahaha!!! Mike, if you come to england come on a saturday so I can get drunkkkkkkk!

  8. B Willis says:

    You gotta finish the “Meat Lovah” track. T-rexx quit looking at that hachet shit! You snot, neck, hole, stoma sum-bitch. It’s disturbing.

  9. Aimee says:

    So looking forward to the free EP and just seen that you are playing the UK in Nov…FUCK YEAH 😀 Love you Wax

  10. dj diamonds on the neck says:

    Hey Wax you should get everyone you know on meat luvah and make it like twenty minutes long or better yet why not start a meat luvah cypher and call out the next rappers mom so they’d have to respond.

  11. DJ Y3S5!R says:

    The comedian is “Patrice O’Neal” haha

  12. Sab says:

    Werd Shun Platinum

  13. porque o stjd pune tanto jogador e tecnicos no futebol e nao juga juizes com penas fortes por erros grotescos onde chega a afetar o resultado de alguns jogos……….

  14. Jak Ty nic nie masz zrozumienia dla tego co dobre!Wyobraź sobie taki wieczór: album z burgundzkim malarstwem, lampka burgunda i Ty! PS Ja to sobie wyobraziłem i do tej pory mam ubaw.

  15. qui nous protège de la police ?qui poussait les juifs dans les trains en 40 ?quel corps de métiers compte le plus de connards racistes dans ses rangs ?

  16. Hvor er den bare blevet rigtig flot – jeg vil da ogsÃ¥ gerne eje sÃ¥dan en lækker sag. Mon jeg kan finde tid til det en dag 🙂

  17. Great to welcome a new name. We are all here to learn and highlight our shortcomings Crystal so dive in and enjoy. Wait till Mary is back, she will want to know all about you.

  18. cheap ed says:

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