Wax’s Podcast: Episode 39


Wax is on edge as he nervously rambles about quitting smoking, his upcoming tour, drugs, and various other topics. Special call someone and fuck with them guest Frank Hernandez, host of the Say Word Up podcast.


  1. dre from jersey says:

    yooo awesome podcast as always man

    recommendation for quitting:

    my pops used gum.. everytime he had a craving he would chew a piece of gum and he was able to quit cold turkey

    good luck!

  2. Mark says:

    Good Job, on the Not Smoking. I did the same before my daughter was born.(I have slip a time or two, but not untill 5 years later) NICE! You should also try Chantix. (I don’t work for them!). The medicine makes it a lot easier, and maybe you can allow yourself to drink a little sooner.(It you want!) Also they say you can use it for a long time, so if you don’t feel safe to leave yourself to your own devices, you can use the crutch. Also they say it could cause you to have some cray-o thoughts. Great! You can use that to make some Bad Ash lyrics! Just kidding! Also You can smoke for another week (its recommended!). The medicine makes you not able to feel the nicotine effect, therefore giving you time to reflect, and make a good choice :). As we all know Drugs help you stop doing other drugs. Anyhow I like that track you DL Dropped! Thanks

  3. Andreas K. says:

    Hi Wax,

    Andreas from Stuttgart here. First of all it is fucking awesome that you will come to Stuttgart with Watsky! Can’t wait to see you perform!

    What you said about picking up girls when you are a foreigner in germany (especially when you from the states) is soo true! My friend and i sometimes play this “game” when we go party, were we pretend that one of us is from USA and visits the other one. And every time it works!! and like you said it is sooo easy to start a conversation. The best part is that when the girls start to get drunk they dont realize when you start talking in german! Maybe i should try this as a german in america but probably they just call me a nazi and leave.. just kidding 🙂

    One question. How the fuck can i get a shout out?

    Anyways, your podcast is awesome! keep it up!

  4. Dave says:

    There’s officially something wrong with me as I just watched cum omelette completely blank faced throughout the whole thing. I don’t even know why I had no reaction to that.

  5. Kornelius says:

    Dude you could pronounce Oddbjørn like odd bjorn.

  6. James says:

    Suggestion for things sober people do: Make a trick shot video, maybe even as one of your characters 🙂 they are always great fun to make/watch.

  7. UH yea my twin brother quit smoking by not drinking for two months and now he can drink and not smoke now for three years…except when he goes to a Wax show with me in Denver, and the he goes nuts on the nicotine, must be your banging ryhmes. Must be all that fire you bring son!

  8. Michael Wilson says:

    PLEASE let us have Pass the Kool Aid on the mixtape!

  9. Boozie Swilliams says:

    Eh Wax, I like to get my world news/random events from vice.com, it’s a less bias form of news (my opinion) as well as random interesting shit.

  10. Ben says:

    When I’m sober I go out drinking…

  11. The Thrill As Himself says:

    i quit smoking cold turkey 4 years ago after smoking for about 15 years. every time i wanted one i would go running until my lungs burned so bad i couldn’t even imagine smoking. in a way, i replaced my nicotine addiction w/ an exercise addiction. it worked.

    the other thing i did was to tell myself that i was only going to do it once so matter how bad i wanted one i would think… i only have to do this once and it WILL get better. best of luck man…

  12. eric says:

    wax, try listening to some radio news while youre in the car, as i’m sure you spend enough time in your car every day. AM is boring, KCRW at 89.9 is great and will keep you informed. congrats and good luck on quitting smoking, i know how of much a bitch withdrawals can be

  13. Chris says:

    Yo wax. Just wanted to say the beginning theme reminded me of Earthbound for super nintendo. Not sure if you even know or care what I’m talking about, but I sure some of your listeners do. Just wanted to mention that. Keep doing your thing man.

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