Wax’s Podcast: Episode 40


Wax discusses quitting smoking, aardvark cum, and buttered popcorn. Special “call someone and fuck with them” guest DJ ZO!


  1. Matthew says:

    First podcast I listened to. Awesome job and keep up the good work, good luck on the Smoking thing!

  2. Sal says:

    I think you should release aardvark cum as a bonus song. Maybe even do something with Jake and Amir. like hoodie did

  3. Sab says:

    I remember when you used to do that with the tags lol I used to look forward to reading the new ones you would come up with

  4. jay says:

    yo wax you n eminem on a track would be really sick!!!

  5. dre from jersey says:

    1girl1pitcher.org ! lmao

  6. Brandon from naptown says:

    Wax may I just say I’m so stoked that you’re to Indianapolis. Me and my buddies may be the only ones there, but I cant wait!

  7. JustMe says:

    What is the email i can send in questions?

  8. JayNigga says:

    Lmaoooo the nigga that called you out on pacifically was hasan or sadaam insane or some shit

  9. WTF says:

    Commonly I do not understand write-up for weblogs, even so need to point out that this kind of write-up really pressured my family to view as well as apply it! Your current writing style may be stunned everyone. Appreciate it, fairly nice post.

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