Wax’s Podcast: Episode 41


Wax rambles about God knows what….


  1. Nanoatzin in NH says:

    Say was up to your Cuate and his family. Sounds fun to have them with you for a few days. Take them to the Grammy Museum next to the Staples Center its next to several bars and restaurants since you’re coming off the wagon. I like hearing random stuff you are the most interesting man in the world. I saw a dos equis billboard which read from the Valley to Venice in 15 minutes. Hungry Fox is waiting for you bring Herbs. Peace.

  2. GeeOff says:

    Yeah man. You were right. EmailThis ep did kinda suck. EmailBut who cares, cuz i was the email of the week, bitches! Haha

  3. Max Elmholdt says:

    Trying to quit smoking as well. I still got the craving for nicoteen though. So i started boosing it up instead, and I meet women at the liqour store, so who cares! -Kepp them podcast coming!

  4. Saboteur says:

    The Common Market and Blue Scholars question is dope, I’m glad he chose to read that. Hope he actually takes a listen to them

  5. B Willis says:

    Just bought myself forty dollars worth of shit through the Amazon link. Yo Herbs, I want a signed copy of the new album.

    …she’s like the new Oprah but funnier.

    The camera just loves some people.

    B Willis

  6. Jager says:

    Wax!! When are ya making a video for outta my mind? You rule man!! Jäger from Riva, MD

    • Dan says:

      Thats my favorite song i wish he would to…I bet that video would get alot of hits with a video. Keep up your music Wax your a huge model to my sound thanks man

  7. Fernando E says:

    Hey Wax what part of San Diego did you live in? You have tons of fans in Chula Vista

  8. Pawelczyk says:

    Hey Wax. I am a smoker myself and for some stupid ass reason I wonder What was your choice brand of smokes when you were smoking?

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