Wax’s Podcast: Episode 42


Wax discusses life with inspirational in studio guest George Watsky! Lighter topics include porn and Katy Perry…


  1. bigwax says:

    check out me and watsky on the hug a hater tour this fall!

  2. Billy Duffy says:

    Got tickets for your show in Belfast, really cant wait for it going to be so much fun, And if you need some locals to show you the best spots I’ll be more than happy to.

  3. Nanoatzin in NH says:

    I love the throw back references there are some old vatos like me listening. Good luck on the tour. I look forward to you performing at the troubadour or come to the 818 paladino or with the paisas club hacienda corona on Lankershim and Victory used to be an old rock and roll club called FM station. If not Ill cruise over the canyon to where youre at.

  4. Dope says:

    Watsky and Wax. Some awkward shit between you two. Totally feel watsky cringing multiple times

  5. Jenna says:

    hey wax , i was really hoping to make it to your show in michigan with some friends .. but looks like thats not guna happen ! just wanted to wish you the best of luck and that you dont get booed this time for the power going out ! haha .. anyways have alot of fun and maybe one day i CAN go to one of your concerts ! .. really hope you get your canada issue worked out i would love to see one ,btw whats smashing mean ? and also why are you banned from canada ? not sure if this is how you get a shout out or if your even going to see this seeing how this podcast was recorded on the 14th , anyway keep it real man xo ! Jenna from ontario !

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