Wax’s Podcast: Episode 46


Wax discusses earthquakes, swim up bars, people on planes, and other random topics.


  1. Lucas says:

    That joint was dope Wax, you should upload all your loose verses like that. Shit inspires a lot of other artists, gets ideas flowin’, and it’s just good auditory pleasure. Good shit Wax, best of luck!

  2. Aaron the violinist says:

    Yeah dude, upload the track.

  3. The Thrill As Himself says:

    drop music in the podcast. breaks it up a bit and gives a nice little ‘easter egg’. this is for the listeners, enough about you.

  4. Idan H says:

    wax that joint is dope as fuck
    can you like put it in mp3
    i liked it very much

  5. RandomGermanGuy says:

    damn that track was dope
    it says a lot about your lyrical ability when you have all these unreleased verses that could easily be on a mixtape or even on a album.

    keep the podcasts coming


  6. jay says:

    wax should do a unplugged tour…

  7. Ramon the Navarro says:

    Wax you gotta release the Song Its Sounds amazing cause i realy dont want to just Rip it from the Podcast

  8. Jack says:

    Yes absolutely drop that track

  9. CatoZ says:

    The joint was dope, Wax! 😉 I want that as a bonus track on a mixtape or something 😉 Cheers from Norway

  10. Kent says:

    Wax that track was mint has it been released yet?

  11. cheap ed says:

    Appreciate it for sharing your awesome site!

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