Wax’s Podcast: Episode 99


Wax discusses America, ambition, and apple pie.


  1. Amanda says:

    Team sweet potato!

  2. Underground Jedi says:

    I don’t even LIKE Banana Cream Pie!!

  3. Keebs says:

    LOL calling me out fam. I only said it cause you do quit a lot of your series. I’m a huge fan though

  4. Nate Baudoux says:

    Dude just start calling it wax’s piecast !

  5. Je suis entièrement d’accord également ! Je n’ai rien contre les photos en zoo, surtout quand on ne peut pas faire autrement (si si, ça arrive ^^) Par contre, là où c’est « condamnable » c’est lorsque ces photos sont vendues comme ayant été faite dans la nature…. Mais, ça reste mon point de vu

  6. Bunny says:

    That’s a mobk-lreader. Great thinking!

  7. OMG this looks so good. Loved the video. Loved the photos. I have one question that I struggle with.How do you use a recipe on an iPad? It’s on the screen for 30 seconds and then I have to swipe the thing to open it back up and my iPad is covered with whatever I have all over my fingers. I know.. wash my hands. I just print the recipe and then write all over it with my changes and then copy to my computer and then throw it away. Maybe there’s an easier method.

  8. As usual, American Conservative is just wrong and loony-isolationist.– testing99Look, I obviously don’t want to see Jews destroyed. That wouldn’t make too much sense. But I am not an authority on Israel. I’m an authority on Newark. Not even on Newark. On the Weequahic section of Newark. If the truth be know, not even on the whole of Weequahic section. I don’t even go below Bergen Street. — Philip Roth, The Anatomy LessonI’m beginning to think testing99 is a neo-con parody. His latest post reads like dinner conversation overheard in a Zuckerman novel.

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