What’s up yall.

First off, thanks to everyone who came out to the Dale Firebird Album Release Party a few weeks back at the Westside Comedy Theater! The show was sold out and it was a lot of fun. If you have yet to hear the LIFE CHANGING AND SPIRITUALLY INTENSE JUGGERNAUT that is this album, check it out on Spotify here:  Dale Firebird’s Greatest Hits

Speaking of the Westside Comedy Theater, I am doing my monthly show there on October 7th (see flyer below). This will be my LAST “WAX AND FRIENDS” MONTHLY SHOW.  If you wanna see some good music and comedy you should come through to this event. I have been putting on these shows for the last year and a half but after this one I gotta move on to some other work I need to finish.

I am currently working on some music projects, including my own album as well as a compilation tribute to my brother EOM. Stay tuned to this email for more info on that as it becomes available. In case you missed it…. I do have a new song out called “Better When You’re High” that many of you seem to enjoy. Check that one out here!

I hope all is well with every last one of you.
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