I can tell that you are overwhelmed.  Your mind is blown.  You are utterly baffled.  The amazingness of the new website which is waxdotcom.com has made you re-think your entire existence and question all the decisions you have ever made in your life.  The style, the grace, the beauty, the font choices...  all of those things combined have left you wondering why Wax's amazing team (shoutout to Galen Frazer and Trevor Sellman!) has not been contacted by those two dudes that invented Google.  The reason they would have been contacted by those guys is that those guys would want to learn more about computers and design and stuff like that from them.  In other words, this is the best website of all time.  The world will never be the same again now that a very small handful of people have recreationally skimmed through latest version of waxdotcom.com.

In all seriousness I hope all is well with you guys.  I HAVE NEW SUMMER MERCH AVAILABLE!!!!!  Check out the store for new Wax Sunset T shirts, guitar picks, 6 pack coolers, and bottle openers.  There is also some other merch available in the store!  Not only will you be looking super cool this summer, but you will be supporting me and helping me continue to do this whole music thing.  

Speaking of music, get ready for FEEL GOOD MUSIC ALL SUMMER LONG from yours truly.  Every Friday this summer I am gonna release an A side single from my upcoming album and a B side single that may or may not be from my upcoming album.   The first drop is June 21st, the first official day of summer, so stay tuned to my youtube, spotify, etc... (the music will be available on pretty much all digital music platforms).  

I am really excited to release all this music.  I worked hard on it.  PEACE TO YOU AND YOURS!!!!


Michael Jones